Friday, May 29, 2009

How to Make Your own Twill Tape Labels.

I recently spend about five hours making my own labels for my homemade products. I found 2 tutorials online here and here. Now, these tutorials were helpful, yet I still spend a long time figuring it all out. The most confusing part was figuring out how to print a mirror image of what you want the tags to look like. SO I have decided to give my own tutorial on how to make the tags, and hopefully save people time (that is, in case more than 4 people ever start reading my blog). 
* Hard surface like a wooden cutting board (the Transfer paper info advised me not to use an ironing board) And I put a pillow case folded a few times over the cutting board. 
Step One: The first step is to figure out what you want your labels to look like/say. Then you can fill the page with your logos. I decided to add a tiny picture of thread and a sewing needle. * Make sure the logos are spread far enough apart, on the sides and also below. 
Step Two (The Hard Part): None of the tutorials I found told me how to flip the images, and thus I had to figure it out on my own, I think I did it a round about way but here's how I did it with my Apple and HP printer. 1. With the page filled with your label logos go to "Print", 2. Then click "Preview" this will create a Preview document of the page you'll be printing. 3. With the preview click "Save As" and be sure to click "Format" and save it as a "JPG" (now, I have no idea what that means but it worked) also at this step, Save it with a higher pixel count than is listed, I did 350p. 4. Once it is saved you can "Select All"  go to "Tools" and then select "Flip Horizontal" 5. Pat your self on the back, you did it. 
Step Three: Now you can print out the logos on your transfer paper. Make sure to read the directions and print on the correct side. 

Step Four: Cut the logs out in strips. This is where I realized that I should have left more room in between the logos and had to cut them apart instead of just ironing the strips. 
Step Five: (READ YOUR SPECIFIC TRANSFER DIRECTIONS) With the transfer paper I bought it said not to use an ironing board, but a wooden cutting board covered with a pillow case (make sure to iron the wrinkles out before starting) The directions also said to empty any water out of the iron and adjust it to a setting with no steam. Now you can lay the logo strips onto your twill tape. 
Step Six: Iron for 15-20 seconds. Wait a few seconds before peeling the paper back, or else it might not be cooled down enough and could look bad. Try hold your excitement at bay for an extra 10 seconds before peeling back and reveling your finished product. 
Step Seven: Cut the tags (use good scissors, or else!)
Step Eight: Sew the labels into all of your homemade goods. 
Here is a picture or my first use of the tags. It's the inside of the purse I made for Lorelei. 
I hope this helps other computer illiterate crafters out there. 
Happy Crafting!

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  1. Thank you for posting this tutorial... I wouldn't have thought making my own labels could be so straight forward.


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