Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sewing Room Floor

Last week I was talking to my friend on the phone. When I finished talking to her I couldn't find Charlie. Turns out he was downstairs tearing up the flooring in the sewing room. He said it was bothering him. It was really nasty, but it was a Tuesday night and we had no plans for what we were going to do to replace it so I was a bit upset about it. As I stated "This isn't very conducive of Holiday sewing." 
Goodbye ugly floor, hello huge mess.
In order to get the room back to normal and keep my head from exploding we bough click flooring from Home Depot to replace the floor. It turned out very well, as long as you don't look too closely. Charlie and I are not the best at cutting or measuring, and my motto has been something along the lines of "That will buff out" or "That will be covered by something."

 Considering that we are not experts by any means it turned out quite well.

Once it was done I spent four hours putting everything back in the room and organizing it.

Whenever either one of us got worked up about the floor being perfect the other would point at the window and make a comment about how the room didn't have to be perfect since the window looks so ghetto. Charlie also said "It's only your sewing room" about twenty times. 

I've been scrapbooking quite a bit so I had a lot of left over pictures that I didn't know what to do with. Extra pictures + washi tape = easiest wall art ever.

I even decided that since we were taking everything out of the room I would try to make this book shelf look better. If you recall from my last post about the sewing room I started painting it then totally ran out of steam and stopped. Now it is totally white, not perfect, but at least it's all the same color. Then I even got crazy and color ordered my fabrics. I showed these pictures to a co-worker and she said "Is that ALL of your fabric?" like it was a lot, I was too embarrassed to tell her there was more in the closet.
Someday I'll pick up those pictures on the floor. They are covering the dents (not really)
Now to get to that holiday sewing!


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  1. Nice sewing room Lauren,,,I have the same Bernina...


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