Wednesday, November 13, 2013

See Through Tank Top

Haha. Did my title reel you in? Tricked ya! I really like the Simplicity 1693 pattern. I made three this summer, and this one was cut out this summer but never got finished.

I tried to make it two layers to reduce the see-through-ness, but quickly gave up on that endeavor since even with two layers it was still see through. It's a good thing I did too because I was working on the shirt and my iron burned right through the fabric; luckily I had a whole other shirt already cut out to pick up and start working on; and I threw the burned one in the trash.

It turned out alright. Obviously I have to wear a shirt underneath, and since it is freezing here I have to wear a shirt over it too. I like it to wear under a cardigan; it's a little more exciting than just a plan tee shirt/tank top. This cardigan combo doesn't actually show much of the shirt, but you get the idea.

Sorry for the headless photos. I'l explain more about that later; let's just say for reasons beyond my control I have not been able to wash my hair since Sunday, and would rather not have photographic evidence of said treachery on the interwebs. You're welcome. 


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