Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Wow! It's already 2011!??! Last year I did a little photo round up of all of the fun and exciting things I had done the year before so I decided to do another one this year. I tried to put them in order but then I got frustrated and just winged it without caring about the chronological order. Here goes:

1. Visiting Zeke and Shannon in South Carolina. Loads of fun. Wish they still lived down the street.
2. Sammy and Keith's wedding.
3. Passing Comprehensive Exams. Yahooo!
4. Getting Engaged! Double Yahoo.

5. Moving and exploring our new area.
6. Graduating!
7. My Dad and Mary Lou's wedding.
8. Christmas Party 2010.

9. Going to MOOD in NYC. 
10. Spending time with good friends.
11. Going to New York City (again, these trips were more spread out than the pictures lead you to believe.)
12. Running my first marathon. ( Did I just say "first" yikes, I must be crazy.)

It's pretty surreal to realize how much has happened and changed in just one year. I hope 2011 brings just as many good memories and fun times as 2010.

Happy New Year everyone!


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