Friday, December 3, 2010

Sew N' Tell - Pot Holders

December is a hard time to have a sewing blog, mostly because (almost) everyone I am making presents for reads this blog. I did manage to make a few gifts for non-blog readers though. Pot holders! I forgot to add a little tab to this one. Oops.
The person getting this pot holder will also get a snazzy trivet:
After experimenting with that quilted pot holder I made two more.
I think my brain was not working because I did the binding on all three at the same time and I smacked myself for not adding a tab to the first one, then did the binding on the second one and forgot again! Luckily, I remembered by the third one. My one other mistake was that I wanted both side of the hand pot holder to be the white Christmas pattern but I accidentally cut the pieces out wrong so now the back looks like this:
Oh well. I think it looks good anyways and hopefully the person receiving them will not care.

My post is super late to the Sew N Tell, but there are some really cool things posted, be sure to check them out.


  1. These are lovely! Very festive.

    I wanted to reply to your comment regarding hoops, but your Blogger settings are set so that I can't reply to you....did you know that? Anyways, just to let you know here, I bought my hoops online at etsy at dockside designs. They only cost about $2 each with shipping! I bought 3" and 4" ones, shown with the snowflakes, and also some larger ones, up to 10". Hope that helps! Happy stitching!

  2. the pot holders are super cute... I know what you mean about not being able to share thing on the blog.... I keep takeing little pictures of the edge but I an pretty sure someone is going to figure out its thier gift.

  3. Karina and I didn't realize you made the potholders (b/c they were so well crafted!). THank you very much for the gift, we're glad you guys could make it last night! Karina was wondering if you have an etsy account..? Happy Holidays!

    Ben & karina


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