Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Hello! Just popping in to tell you all that I am almost done with all of my holiday projects. Only hand sewing left to do, and a bit of last minute painting....why I do this to myself I shall never know. Having a sewing blog is very hard around the holidays. I have been sewing and creating like crazy but cannot share any of it with you. You'll just have to wait until the New Year I suppose. Until then,  here's a picture of me and Charlie that was included in our holiday card this year (more on that later.)

Merry Christmas!



  1. Lauren, I think you get your creativness from your great-grandmother. She always had something going on and I'm so ashamed of myself for not being like her. I love everything you do and it's a pleasure to read all your reports. I miss the misspelled words but I guess you're all grown up and ready to fly. Love, Grammy

  2. Things I like about this picture:
    1. It is a great picture of the two of you
    2.It was taken at my house
    3. The little bodies in the picture just above your head is of you and Mia jumping off the float at camp, one of the most spectacular pictures ever taken at Sibley Pond.

  3. I love this photo and the one I received in the mail is on my fridge now! Congratulations and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Also, I thought you might appreciate knowing that the crazies in Indonesia apparently time travel all the time so instead of just saying HNY, they always add the year... so HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 in case you forgot.


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