Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today Was a Good Day

I found out that after lots of hard work I passed my Comprehensive Exams. Hip hip hurray! Walking out of the test I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders, but after checking my e-mail today I feel as if I could float away I am so light and free. I can breath again! I am not dumb! Six years of studying, learning, working and absorbing as much information as I could has paid off. I can do this, and I did it!

Sadly, life got a little busy this week. My supervisor reminded me about a project I agreed to do 7 weeks ago when my last internship began, and well, I had to get down to business and start it! Oops. Bet you can't believe that I, Lauren Cassidy; procrastinated to the extent that I forgot about a project. Or maybe I just subconsciously repressed the thought. Either way this week was a get it done kind of week with no sewing involved. Sorry friends, you'll just have to keep waiting for some sewing posts around here.

But on a happy note, now that Comps are over and done with my friend Kirsten (picture ruiner) and I can start our sewing club. More on that later.

Until then I am off to float on my cloud.


P.S. I feel bad that none of my latest posts have had pictures, so here are pictures of what Charlie and I have been doing in our free time.
Feeding cute little ducklings! Until, that is, the goose steps in and tries to attack me!
HONK! Okay, I swear that's all the rambling I'll do tonight!

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