Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bust Out The Sewing Machine/ Hallelujah!

After much worrying, late night panic attacks, nail biting, xerostomia, reading of all the notes I have ever taken, and one early morning photo shoot......

Me, Kirsten (a.k.a Photo ruiner) Jill, and Jaclyn.

Comprehensive exams are over! Hurray!!!! I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Even though it was three days ago I still cannot seem to form a coherent thought/ sentence about the experience. I guess spending 6 hours in front of a computer typing feverishly about everything you can possibly think of will do that to you.

After finishing, well, I threw my papers in the air down a stairwell, and also went out for drinks with my friends. We discussed things we will be able to do now that this is over. Things on our lists include; read for fun, relax, sleep, exercise, watch TV (more on that later) and on the top of my list: SEW!

Yesterday was devoted to complete and utter relaxation i.e. reading a new book at the outdoor pool for about 5 hours straight. Today I broke out my sewing machine and got started on a project that I have been putting off for over a month!

It feels good to be back and even better now that there is no little voice in the back of my head saying; "you should be studying!"

More on my projects soon! Hope you're enjoying the heat!


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  1. Despite K ruining it - this pic. is adorable. Also CAN NOT seem to believe it's over (well ... "hopefully" over). Have started to set-up the blog and hoping to get the posting started ASAP. Now on to babysitting and NOT bringing any study materials with me . . . what WILL I do when the baby is sleeping???


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