Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blog Break

I have been absent lately. There are a million things I have been doing, or should be doing. And most of those things do not involve sewing. In fact they mostly involve studying, so my sewing station has been converted back into a desk. It looks different in my little corner and it kind of takes me by surprise to look over there and not see a stack of fabric and 3 sewing machines stuffed on top of the desk. But it also feels refreshing to have a place to sit and read through my study materials (i.e. 6 years worth of notes from every class I have ever taken!) Since my brain has been on study mode I haven't even wanted to sew. I cannot enjoy the process if I know I should be doing something else and am struck with nausea inducing fear in regards to a huge test hanging over my head whenever I sit at the machine to make something.

Until my test is over and I will be away from this space and away from sewing. I hope you can survive without me. I promise I will be back and eager to start sewing again once I can fully devote myself to it without risking an aneurysm.

Auf Wiedersehen til then.


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  1. I am very sad to hear this. Rich however, says that you are not being true to yourself and that you will be sewing again soon. Sewing is a healthy retreat from studying. You can sew, just don't post. You can talk to me about your projects on the phone...everyone will be happy!!
    xo, Mum


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