Saturday, June 5, 2010

24 Updates

I recently talked to two friends and was reminded of my 24 things to do in my 24th year of life. I decided to check on my list and see if I was making any progress and see where I needed some help. Here goes.

1. Graduate with my Master's degree. - only 62 more days, 28 more therapy hours, 5 evaluation hours, one AAC project, and comprehensive exams stand in the way of this goal.
2. Find a job.- YES!!!! I guess you didn't hear me yelling from a mountain top.
3. Move closer to the White Mountains and find a (2 bedroom) apartment.- Still looking for an apartment and dreaming about winning the lottery so I could buy a house. Bahaha as if. Does anyone have a 2 bedroom apartment on Newfound Lake in Bristol NH?
4. Cook more meals/ be more adventurous in the kitchen.- Yeah! I did that the other day, does one time mean I can stop trying for the next year?
5. Read for fun.- Not so much, come June 18th I will. Any summer reading suggestions are welcome.
6. Make outfits/clothing for myself.- I have made one skirt and I have fabric to make 2 shirts, coming to my blog soon, anytime after June 17th when I can begin living my life again and Comprehensive exams are done.
7. Run a long race (more than a half marathon, but less than a marathon.)- Yes sir.I am also training for a marathon :) Ye-haw!
8. Be more appreciative of what people do for me.- This one has been tricky. I could blame my lack of sleep or the fact that I am stressed out about school, but making excuses is lame. So I will just try harder.
9. Stop complaining about my parent's divorce; it's been 5 years, I should probably get over it. -I'm trying.
10. Draw and paint.- Not so much. Maybe when I get a bigger space to spread out this can happen.
11. Go to farmer's markets.- Oops, seems like my weekends are rather full and busy and this has fallen by the wayside. It's a good thing I have reminded myself of this one.
12. Be more aware of what I eat and where it came from.- Another oops.
13. Be nicer.- Sorry Charlie, I am a bad girlfriend, I'll try harder.
14. Start an etsy shop.- I decided not to do this one, because nothing I make is "prefect" and I don't want it to be, but to sell on etsy it should be, so I am scratching that. My new #14 can be "get back to nature and enjoy it; i.e. camping and not complaining about it."
15. Learn how to and execute the refurbishment of my dresser. (A project I have been meaning to do since I got the dresser 4 years ago.)- Once we move I'll do this. I need to find out what color to paint/stain it.
16. Volunteer.- ouch, I am failing miserably. What did I mean by this? Does paying tuition to do someones job while they get paid count as volunteering? If so I am volunteering about 40 hours a week. Maybe I will volunteer at an animal shelter, but then I might end up with 10 cats. I need to think about this.
17. Accept my nose, it's big, oh well, it's mine. Like my dad says; "If your nose was any smaller I wouldn't know you were coming into the room."- I have stopped looking in the mirror and thinking "Yuck, I have a big nose." This is a big step. I also haven't complained about my nose, which used to happen frequently. Not being self deprecating has been very re-freshing.
18. Make at least 1 more quilt, and experiment with new quilting techniques. (But let's be honest, this will probably turn into about 3 quilts.)- Yep! I love it!
19. Be more giving with my sewing projects, who really needs 43 purses?- I just gave a purse away to my Mum, and Sammy's apron.It's hard to give things away but when I know they are going to a good home and someone I really like it's a lot easier.
20. Have confidence in the things I do, say, and wear. -Well... sort of.
21. Organize and simplify. -Eek. Not so much. I cleaned out my winter clothes but then just replaced all the empty space with my summer clothes. Hopefully moving will reduce a lot of my junk.
22. Learn more about having good credit, saving money, stocks, just money in general, since sometime soon I will have some.- Not so much. Why learn about it before I have any money anyways?
23. Watch less TV.- This goal varies depending on the week. Last week we watched no TV, then for about 2 days I was a TV zombie. I have (almost) convinced Charlie that we should not have a TV when we move, although we might realize we don't actually like each other without TV shows to distract us.
24. Find something enjoyable to do, and something to be happy about everyday.- I am pretty easily amused, it just takes an added effort to think about the things I did that made me happy. Sometimes just working with the little kids at my placement and seeing their little successes makes me really happy, and makes my "slave" labor worth it.

Seems like I am half way there. It's always good to check your progress and see where you need to try harder.

What goals are you working on?


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