Saturday, July 3, 2010

True Love: It's in the Armpits

I like to ask Charlie the same questions almost every day. The first is, "How much do you love me?" to which he usually throws his arms as far apart as he can get them, or spreads his thumb and pointer finger apart and responds; "This much", depending on his mood and how obnoxious I am being that day.

The second questions is; "What's your favorite part about me?" I ask this because I get concerned that the part that is his favorite may need some extra exercising or toning, or I could just buy clothes that accentuate his favorite part, I think it's important to look nice for the person you love, and if that means buying a push up bra or pants that make your butt look big, well..I guess I would do it. However, the response I get when I ask this second question is always; "Your intangibles". This frustrates me to no end. How the heck am I supposed to get my intangibles in shape? Can you buy a beauty cream to make your intangibles get less wrinkled when you sleep? This answer does me no good.

After a few thousand times of me asking this question and getting the same response I got smart and started asking "What's your favorite part about me, besides my intangibles?" (always asked in a really fast way). To this Charlie always says; "Your eyes." Awe, isn't that sweet? Sure it is for the first hundred thousand or so times, but then I am always back to my original reason for asking. How am I supposed to make my eyes look better?

Last night, I figured out the perfect plan. I said, very quickly mind you, "What's your favorite thing about me besides my intangibles and not on my face?!" Charlie responded; "Well, that would have to be your armpits."

I guess the moral of the story is that you'll know it's true love when you boyfriends favorite parts about you are things you can't see, or touch, or exercise, tone, firm, and sometimes smell pretty bad.

What's your favorite thing about the one you love?


Edit: Charlie never asks me these questions because he is kind of bad at reciprocating, and he probably doesn't care. But my favorite part about him besides his intangibles is his right shoulder, it's perfect for resting my head on when he gives me a hug.


  1. OMG ~ This is my favorite post ever ! Actually made me teary. You are going to think I am crazy but I think parts of this should be part of your wedding ceremony ~ it is written from your heart, it is so you and just so sweet. And I love my husband's arms ~ so strong and he gives great hugs. Much happiness to you.

  2. So sweet. Your question?... his hands. ;)

  3. OMG! Soooooo sweet...sooo young...sooo in love. You make me feel soooo old. All the parts I have loved of JP.I still love today, though they have changed, faded,grown coarse and wrinkled.

    Many congratulations on POTW mention.

  4. Armpits!! Awwww! Now that is so sweet!! Congrats on your POTW

  5. Magnificent post. True love knows no limits, and plays no favorites. If there are odors, so be it.

    Congratulations on the POTW mention!


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