Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Updates on Life

I have been asked to post on my blog. I must say that has never happened to me, I am flattered, thanks Mom, (heehee). 
It has been quite a while so I have decided to do another post about the highlights of my life as of recently. 
1. School has started. It's not that awful. Only 3 classes, and surprise surprise I actually like the topics! Audiology, A Course about working in Education with people with Exceptionalities, and Dysphagia (that means swallowing disorder). I think they will be a lot of work, but at least I am interested in the subjects, so far. These are my friends on the first day of school, Jaclyn seems to share my sentiments, Kirsten on the other hand looks quite glum, I hope her mood improves. 

2. I have been offered money for a grant I applied for. Real crisp money. And it all goes to my parents. Boo Hoo. Anyways I will be working with 7 of my other classmates and learning all about students who use AAC (Augmentative, Alternative means of Communicating) and how to implement ways for them to access these alternative means and also how to make sure these students are included in the general curriculum. I think it will be fun, and also give me more knowledge about a topic that not very many SLP's know much about.
3. I have also started doing a clinical rotation at a school. This is also fun. Much less work than summer clinic, so far at least, I think I just jinxed myself, we shall see.
4. I went to North Carolina and it was fabulous! Lorelei and  I had so much fun. We went to Wilmington, NC and went to the beach twice and ate a lot of yummy food, and went swimming and just got to hang out. Here's us after an expensive dinner and delicious ice cream!
Oh also we took a Ferry to the Outer Banks and saw this cool lighthouse: 
On the ferry ride back we saw wild horses, they lived on an island so I didn't have to scream and run away from them. But the best part of the trip back was when we saw dolphins! Yippie, Dolphins. When we got back I looked at the pictures and realized that a lot of the pictures were of just ocean water where the dolphins used to be. So this picture is the best one I got. I was so glad to see Lorelei. I kind of forgot how much I miss her since we were apart for so long. Seeing her also made me realize that we really are best of friends. Who else would go on vacation with you and actually want to go to quilt stores? 3 of them??! Only your best friend that's who. Lorelei bought fabric to make three quilts! I felt a little out of my league next to her, with all her pattern following, fabric buying and talk about sergers etc.  I ended up buying a lot of fat quarters. I am unable to resist fat quarters. This is all fun and games until you get home and realize you don't really have a plan as to what to do with them. But aren't they all so pretty! The bottom ones are for a Christmas themed something. I am think maybe a Christmas wall hanging. The one at the bottom and all the way to the right is so cute! It has little Santa's flying sleighs! So Adorable! And on the plane ride home I planned out a quilt I am going to make from the top colors. They are all so cool, they have bright flowers and peacocks on them. I realize that soon my house will be filling with quilts and i should probably start making some for other people, but I am not ready yet, this one is too cute to even think about giving away. You may also see an Amy Butler print on the left, I plan on making another fat quarter purse out of it. And under all my fat quarters is an Amy Butler pattern to make a clutch, coin purse and cosmetics bag. As soon as I get some free time I will start making those. Anyways I had a great time in North Carolina, the only problem is that now I miss Lorelei more than I did before. 
5. The half marathon is quickly approaching. I have run 11 miles as my highest so far, and I might have actually experienced "Runners High", although I am not sure, maybe I just want to so I thought I was but I wasn't. Who knows, well I suppose I will find out this week when I run 12 miles. 
6. I saw the space shuttle fly across the sky tonight! It was sooooo cool, and bright and fast. The only problem was that our neighbors were on the balcony as well, smoking, eww. And so they heard the commotion and asked where the shuttle was and I was nice enough to tell them and then they were nice enough to talk to us about parking issues and other stuff in the cold outdoors for 5 minutes until I just decided to leave without saying goodbye and leave poor Charles high and dry listening to our neighbors talk. 
7. I have been offered a job as a diving coach for Portsmouth High School. I have some thinking to do, more about my decision later. 
8. Charlie is applying to grad schools, and I told him I would move to where ever he gets in. I realized this might have been a little premature considering he doesn't know where he wants to go/where he'll get in, so I could be moving to Colorado (yippie) or Indiana (eww). I suppose I will stick with him no matter what, because I love him. I just hope we don't have to move to West Virginia. 
These are the big happenings in the life of me.  I hope this satisfies every one's desire to have something new to read here, at least until I get around to some of the many projects that are building up around here. Tune in towards the end of the week for a tutorial about how to make a cloth napkin into an apron, a super cute pattern invented by ME.
Goodnight everyone!

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  1. Yay Lauren I'm so glad you posted something too i was excited to hear all about your trip to NC and everything. I can't resist fat quarters ethir, i have many of them that im making into buttercup bags to sell and Antrim's Home and Harves day. (by tomorrow hopefully i will be a registered buttercup bag seller!)...I need to find other fabric stores to go to im sick of the same old thing at joann's Help me in this venture please!


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