Sunday, September 27, 2009

Inspiration/ Things I Want To Make

This post is mostly for my own benefit, because I find ideas online and then forget what they are or save a picture and then have no way of knowing who to give credit to for the idea. But if you like sewing and crafting and anything else I find a post here all the power to ya.

- Hand embroidered dish towels using any of the free patterns found here
-More aprons like these ones that I found online at the Flickr page called Tie One On. They are all amazing.
-Make a cool purse like the one from the Sew-n-Tell made by Vintage Fern.
-Reusable sandwich bags/just regular bags for my lunch stuff, since I don't eat sandwiches very often, and when I do they are mostly Fluff, and I like the environment, but not enough to scrub Fluff remains off of a reusable sandwich wrap. (Sorry Mother Earth.)
-An advent calendar. Like the one I saw in this book, but it was too expensive to buy, now I will just have to make up the pattern myself, because who am I kidding, was I really going to follow the pattern anyways?
-A Christmas Wall hanging from all those fat quarters I bought on a whim in North Carolina and now have no idea what to make.
-A cosmetics case from cool fabric, like the kind for making outdoor table cloths, from my Amy Butler pattern.
-Once long long ago I made soap from a kit, it was so fun, I want to do it again. Maybe I could convince my Mum to help me do it at her house. Mumma, will you make soap with me? I want it to smell like lavender or lemons.

Okay now I am getting carried away searching the web for the perfect soap recipes and dreaming about making all the Christmas presents I give out this year. I've been carried away by the infamous Goggle searching monster and Charles will be home from work any second and I have done nothing since I got out of class. (It's Sunday, I know, don't ask.)

Hope you enjoy my crazy ideas

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