Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hello Autumn!

On Sunday I was supposed to have a class, I know class on SUNDAY?!?!? But like I said, "supposed to". So imagine my surprise and glee when I found out class was canceled, and I had a whole day to myself to do whatever I wanted (because I wasn't planning on having that day, so all of my school work was done.) Hurray! I slept in- well, if you call sleeping until 8 sleeping in. Then went fabric shopping, hurray, except I didn't find what I was looking for, bummer. Did I mention that the weather on Sunday was beautiful! Then I went to Jaclyn's room house and we went for a nature walk, except before we go into nature I mentioned that I wanted to pick a pumpkin and had seen a place the day before where you could Pick Your Own (PYO) pumpkin. We promptly turned around and walked back to the room house and called Kirsten to force her to get out of the house and go with us.
We went to Hickory Hill Farm. I didn't know that was the name, we just followed the signs with pumpkins on them until we got there. It is in Dover, Dover Point to be exact.
As it turns out Hickory Hill Farm is pretty much just a tiny pumpkin patch with two sets of clippers in a basket and a cart you can push your pumpkin back to the table with the scale on it, and you pay 50 cents a pound. And the family that owns the patch hang out in the Autumn air with their baby and keep their money in a metal box and do all their math on a tiny calculator. All very cute and rustic. Here is the patch, small but oh so cute. I picked two pumpkins, Jaclyn picked about 5 but only took one home, and Kirsten picked two. Don't they look excited?
Doing all this fun fall stuff makes me more accepting of the fact that summer is over. In fact I love running in the fall air, it's much more refreshing than the humid air of summer time. I am trying to get used to wearing pants though.
So I am saying Hello to Fall! Welcome to New England Fall, don't let winter come too soon!
K Thanks,


  1. My pumpkin was rotten! I want my money back!

  2. Some kind of creature ate my pumpkin today. I am very upset.


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