Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Productivity Tuesday

My mom calls Tuesdays "Terrible Tuesday" because she doesn't exactly like the woman she works with on Tuesdays. My friend Debbie calls Tuesdays "Terrific Tuesdays" because she gets to babysit her twin grandsons, how fun. And when I was little my dad used to call Tuesdays "Taco Tuesday" because we always seemed to eat tacos on Tuesday and then he would go to EMT class and we would stay home watching "Rescue 911", does anyone else remember how great that show was? Well, now Tuesday is my day off from school and... school. No classes, and no practicum work at the elementary school either. So I have begun calling Tuesdays; "Productivity Tuesday", it doesn't have the same ring, I'll work on the name.
Edit: Jaimie suggested I call them "Get it Together Tuesday", I think I'll stick with that name. Thanks Jaimie!
My goal on Tuesdays is to get loads of school work done as well as have some fun sewing. Pretty hard to get the school work done when your desk looks like this though: There is a textbook in there somewhere....and I did get some school work done. But I did a lot more sewing. Also Charlie is visiting his Mom and Dad tonight so I didn't have to worry about making him diner, so I sewed to my hearts content, until about 5 minutes ago (although, when do I ever make Charlie diner anyways?) I don't have much time during the week to do more sewing so I am saving my 2 finished products for the Friday Sew-N-Tell but here is a little peak at one thing that I just whipped up today and think is so cute!
Oh I love it, check back on Friday for more pictures and my two finished products!
Now I am going to watch TV that Charlie would not let me watch and probably eat cereal for diner.
See you all Friday :)


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