Sunday, August 23, 2009

White Mountains, What?

Yep, Charlie and I went hiking in the Whites. Now, you'll never believe it but I am a New Hampshire girl born and raised who had never been hiking in the White Mountains until last Monday. I have been there before, to see the Old Man (may he rest in peace), but never hiked anything. So we set out to change that by hiking Mt. Lafayette. 
I did make it to the top, all 5,620 feet of top. Now I should tell you that Charlie has told me that he is going to propose to me at no less than 4,000 feet elevation. I think this was a genius ploy to get me to go hiking with him. But none the less I still get a little nervous whenever we go over 4,000 feet. Anyways no questions were popped, no diamonds given (thank goodness). Here we are on the top:
After hiking we went camping. I don't like camping very much. I don't understand why people would want to eat yucky food, sleep on the hard ground and be dirty at all times. But I did it, with the agreement that Charlie would have to take me to "Keepsake Quilting" in Center Harbor NH on the way home. This store is like the Mecca of all quilting stores. I have been hearing about it for years from my mom and her friends, but never had the chance to go. So I slept in a tent (on an air mattress that I gave Charlie for his birthday, don't you just love giving presents that you actually want) and ate food off of a camp stove and open fire, and bathed in a lake, all so I could go to the holy land. 
Keepsake Quilting was all I had hoped and dreamed of. However, I was so overwhelmed by ideas that I did not buy anything (not purchasing anything might also have to do with the little bird named Charles who kept ruining my chi by saying "you have to start school again in 2 weeks, you don't have time to start anything else." Shut up little bird! Except you saved me a lot of money, so thanks little bird). 
Well, I survived camping and hiking a huge mountain, and Charlie survived another 2 hour trip to a quilting store. I guess that means we love each other, 2 carat diamond or not. 
Enjoy the day!

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  1. Hmm, I seem to remember taking you and your little brother to climb Mt. Monadnock one day- apid the parking fee, got about 100 yards up the trail, and the whining got unbearable, so we went home.... maybe that is why I never took you up any bigger mountains... :^)


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