Sunday, August 30, 2009

Goodbye Summer

As I sit here typing this sad sad post I am getting closer and closer to 8:40 am Monday August 31st, which is the day I begin school once more. I am sure you can tell that I am depressed about this matter. I feel as though my summer has just begun and now it is coming to a swift end. 
In order to cheer myself up I have decided to write a summary of the 10 best things I did this summer.
1. Went to see Taylor Swift with my friends in Boston, and stayed in a fancy hotel, for only $14 (thanks Jill), danced at a Boston club and celebrated the end my first year of graduate school. 
2. Went to Cape Cod and went swimming in the ocean, saw an old friend, hung out with new friends, and went for a near deadly boat ride on the Atlantic Ocean in our trusty Jenny (a 10 foot aluminum boat, most likely not built for ocean travel).
3. Made friends with two newborn babies (insert goo goo baby talk about how adorable the babies are here).
4. Went swimming a lot. One of my most favorite things to do. Notable swimming holes of summer 2009: Lake Nubanusit (Hancock, NH) Willard Pond (Hancock, NH), Pirates Cove (Rye, NH), Short Sands (York, ME) Sibley Pond (Pittsfield, ME) and my new place The Durham Outdoor Pool. 
5. Playing baseball in the front yard with my brother, his friends and some local cronies at my Mum's house.
6. Having time to read for fun, although I seemed cursed to only read bad books, so I re-read a lot of my favorites. Here's so of the books I liked again: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (always a favorite), The Time Travelers Wife (highly recommend to anyone), Summer Sisters (a must read for anyone on summer vacation),  and the only new book I read this summer was "The 19th Wife". It was extremely interesting to begin with but got less so towards the end, not sure if I would recommend it due to the disappointing ending.
7. Going to Maine and seeing my old friends, and spending time with my Mum. One particularly great trip was when we went to the Penobscot Narrows Bridge in Bucksport ME and went to the top of the bridge where there is an Observatory. This was quite thrilling and very scary. The observation tower is 447 feet in the air and there are floor to ceiling glass window (duh). Here is one of the 365 degree views: 
I took this picture once I built up enough courage to get close enough to the window (which was a little while, boy oh boy it was high!) Here is a shot of the bridge, and at the top is where we were.
8. Going on lots of hiking trips with Charlie, and getting really good at using the timer on the camera. It took a few mess ups, as you can see....

9. Wearing shorts and flip flops all but one day in August. I might have mentioned to a few of you that I have a phobia of pants in the summer. I am not sure why, but I hate wearing shorts one day and wearing pants the next, it really bothers me. Just wearing pants when it should be summer irks me. Must be one of my many clothes phobias (I also hate scarves, turtlenecks, tee shirts, and anything else that is too tight on my neck...weird I know.) Basically, what I am saying is that I LOVED THE WEATHER in August!!!! I think Mother Nature was saving all the sunshine just for me! So thanks Mother Nature. 
10. Having time to sew, sit on the balcony and read and eat dinner with Charlie, seeing my family and friends, and just relaxing. This was a great vacation, although short, I could not ask for a more relaxing and fun time off. 

I guess that means I should be ready to accept that school starts tomorrow. My last first day of school ever. How exciting. Now I guess I am sort of excited, what should I wear? Who will I sit with? You would think after 17 years of formal schooling I would have this covered. But no. 
Wish me luck! I am off to pack my bags and choose an outfit for the first day (It won't be pants!)

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  1. This post made me even MORE depressed about tomorrow! Thanks for reminding me that although far too short this summer really did have some great highlights. And have no fear, I will save you a seat in class :) Love


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