Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sweet Summertime

I used to be a diver. I wasn't very good, but I don't tell people that.
On the lake where my Dad, kind of sort of, has a boat house, there is a rope swing. I like to go there and do "tricks" and try to impress people. Sometimes when I am in the mood, and there are people around, I pretend like I have never been on a rope swing and I ask them for help and tips and then once I finally build up the fake courage to try it, and have everyone around me thinking that I am scared and a rope swing novice, I do a flip and sometimes add some twists. This stuns everyone, then I pretend that my "tricks" were just a happy accident, until my brother spills the beans about my diving past. But it's still fun anyways. 
I wasn't really in the mood for this trickery yesterday when we went to the rope swing. There were three surfer dudes drink PBR there and as we pulled our trusty boat Jenny up to the shore one of the dudes did a flip off the rope swing. "Oh nuts" I exclaimed "I guess I won't be showing anyone up today." We made our way up the rocks to the top, Mary Lou went first and then the dudes let me go second. And I did this:
It certainly isn't the most graceful thing in the world, but I think I impressed the surfer dudes judging by their surfer lingo complements, and their extreme use of the word "Dude!" One of them asked me how I did the "twisty thing". I figured I could use diver terms to explain it but then I went the more dude route and said "Pretend you're brushing your hair and then sniff your arm pit and you will twist". He tried it, not much success, but his second try was better. As we pulled away to go back to the boat house the dudes were all like; "Thanks for teaching us those gnarly moves!" And I was all like; "I loved you in Fast Times at Ridgemont High."

Here's the sunset from our boat house. 

I love summer. 

P.S. I promise someday my blog will go back to being about sewing, knitting, painting and other crafty things. Until then I am enjoying the summer weather (and I am still working on the quilt). :)

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