Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Guest Bedroom Makeover

A few weeks ago the sight of the red racing stripe in the guest bedroom got to be too much for me to handle one second longer so the paining began. As with all the other (count em 6 out of 10) rooms in our house that we've painted thus far we also had to paint the trim in this room. I say "we" but Charlie let me do this all on my own while he did "man work", like dig holes and mow the lawn. I painted all the trim, all three doors in the room, and three window casings. I even painted the inside of both closets. I hadn't painted the inside of a closet in about 14 years so I forgot how terrible that ordeal was. Never again!

I puttered with the color a lot before ultimately just asking a friend the color of a room in her house that I liked. I find it hilarious that when I ask certain people they can tell me the name of the paint color of many of the rooms in their houses off the tops of their heads. I could tell you every color we've painted rooms in our house. I wonder if that's a sign that you're an adult. Or maybe it's a sign that you're crazy (no offense friends who are like me). Anyways, it's Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray. It came out a little more blue than I was hoping/expecting, but I am tired of painting so blue-gray it is. There are a few before and after shots of the colors.

 It feels brighter and bigger in the room now that it's a lighter color; at least I think it does. I'm just so glad to have the racing stripe gone.

We decided to keep the curtains for now since there is nothing wrong with them and they block out a lot of light for guest who like to sleep in late. I might sew a lighter fabric to the existing curtain to cover it. Any ideas? I might also someday buy new ones. I just feel bad replacing something that has nothing wrong with it, except the color.

As part of my summer bucket list I have been writing one letter a week to my mom and have been loving it. Snail mail really needs to make a come back. In an effort to bring it back I made the desk area into a little correspondence area. I included pens, pencils, envelopes, stamps, paper and some post cards. I realize it's really cutesy and probably no one will ever actually write a post card or letter from this desk but me. It's still fun though. The little desk area needed a chair so I re-painted and recovered a chair I've had since college and have subsequently painted and recovered three times. The chair has lived in five places with me. This little chair gets around.
 I used the fat quarters I won a few months ago to cover the chair cushion and make some accent pillows. Obviously I used pipping! I love that stuff. I still have a few fat quarters left, and some scraps. Any ideas on something else I could make for the room? I was thinking about making a mini quilt/wall hanging, but maybe not.

So far only Blaze and Penny have stayed here since it's been re-done. It feels very good to have this big project checked off the list. Most of the other things we're hoping to get done this summer are outside things.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. this looks awesome! i love the couch & the curtains. They match but kind of not which is cool. Maybe you should make some accents to go with the shades already there? like buntings?

  2. Well done on the painting. Send me a postcard of when I can visit next. That way you can use all your new things.


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