Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Bucket List

With only 3 days left of school I felt it was imperative to get my Summer Bucket List out to the world. Here goes: 
  1. Pick strawberries.
  2. Hike to the top of the logging road 4 times.
  3. Swim, swim, swim.
  4. Wear sunscreen everyday and not get sunburned once.
  5. Go to concerts. 
  6. Hike a 4,000 footer and not cry.
  7. Host a Summer party.
  8. Finally figure out what poison ivy looks like and not touch it.
  9. Eat fresh veggies from the garden.
  10. Hold a baby. (I'm looking at you Liz!)
  11. Go to a yard sale. 
  12. Write my Mum one snail mail letter a week.
  13. Float the Saco with Sammy and Keith.
  14. Sew a pair of shorts.
  15. Have fresh flowers in the house.
  16. Eat dinner on the deck.
  17. Read five books. 
  18. Make popsicles. 
  19. Go to concerts.
  20. Learn to use the grill. 
  21. String lights over the deck for summer ambiance. 
  22. Tackle the list of home projects we have on the fridge.
  23. Spend a few days "tech free."
  24. Make fruity drinks.
  25. Play frisbee golf. 
  26. See "The Fault In Our Stars".
  27. Make friendship bracelets.
  28. Have fires in the fire pit.
  29. Go to five NH State Parks.
  30.  Visit farmer's market.

Happy Friday the 13th! 



  1. I started thinking about making my list last night too! Thanks for the morning reminder! Are those flowers from your gardens?! So pretty!

  2. a GREAT summer list for sure:) I have listed the numbers from your list that I would love to help you achieve:) 1,3,7,8,11,15,27 (with the help from our girl Grace), and 30:) so glad to have met you my friend xx

  3. Summer party sounds fun...I know a great place to pick Strawberries...
    concerts in the park on Thursday nights all summer long...Maybe a girls Fruity Drink Night.

  4. you must really want to go to concerts! It's on the list twice!!


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