Thursday, July 10, 2014

Romp? On Second Thought, Let's Not

A few weeks ago I saw a pattern for a romper made by someone I follow on Instagram. I've never had a romper, I've never even tried one on before. But I just had to have that pattern and sew one for myself. It just so happened that Simplicity patterns were on sale that week so I picked up a copy of Simplicity 1355, I also found a great summery print from Denise Schmidt (in case you haven't noticed she's pretty much the only designer I buy fabric from at Joann's), and the necessary notions (bias tape and thread).  Then all of it sat on my desk for 3 weeks. Mostly because I hate cutting out patterns, but also because I wasn't sure if I actually wanted to sew a romper. How does one go pee while wearing a romper? That was my main concern, as well as, what if my legs look stumpy?

I figured my hesitation was due to the romper-ness, but I still really liked the fabric and wanted something summery. Not to waste a perfectly good 99 cent pattern, I modified it and cut out the skirt pieces (much shorter than the maxi length of the pattern due to yardage restraints) and the romper top. It resulted in some major fudging, but I think the end product is okay considering.

The pattern said to use the seam allowance as the casing for the elastic, but I used bias tape instead. If I made this pattern again I would shorten the top length by an inch or two so it sits more on the smallest part of my waist, not the widest. That's a bit unflattering if I do say so myself. 

The upside is it has pockets! I stinkin love dresses with pockets. I didn't have enough fabric to cut the pockets out of the same fabric so I just used yellow fabric I had. I actually really like the pop of color.  My one downfall is that I am not good at matching the obvious pattern of the fabric. The front of the top is made of two pieces and they do not match, which bothers me because I know my grandmother would comment on it if she saw it in a store. Luckily I don't think anyone will notice but me. 

The non-romper took me about four hours, but will take less next time since I'll know what I'm doing. It's actually very comfortable to wear, and quite cool in the summer heat. 

Stay tuned for more sewing! I've taken a(n unintentional) blog break, but have been sewing a lot. 


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