Friday, July 25, 2014


Currently I am/ we are:

Amazed that it's been three years since we got married. How'd that happen?

Marveling at the plants that are growing, most with no help from me. And also constantly checking in on the plants that I've been fussing over and are doing nothing. I have a 2 foot tomato plant I grew from a seed that has no flowers or fruit. It keeps getting taller, but producing nothing.

Hiking to "the best view of Bristol" IMHO and sharing the view with a huge black bear. I honestly almost pooped my pants. Making plans to hike there again to see the sunrise. Even though that's really early!

Taking a photography class online. Charlie is super tired of me asking him to model, so blueberries and houseplants for the win in terms of models!

Spending lots of time outside; reading, eating, playing games, running, staring at the garden hoping zucchini will grow before my eyes.

Missing my middle toe nail. I have no idea how it fell off, but it did, and now it hurts. Guess I'll paint the skin in hopes of hiding the hideous disfigurement this weekend.

Struggling with how much to share here. I don't know how to "keep it real" while also not opening myself up to having lots of people know things about me. I go back and forth on deciding to make this blog private so I can go back to it being my random thought place, or keeping it public so anyone can see it, but being more private about what I share.

Getting ready to head to Maine for my cousins wedding. I'm so excited.

Happy Friday!


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  1. love the light coming through the trees in that first picture.


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