Monday, July 14, 2014

Saltsprings Dress

This pattern was all the rage last summer. Well, at least all the rage in terms of bloggers I follow. In the fall the pattern went on sale, it's an indie pattern so I don't mind paying more than 99 cents for them, but less than $16 is nice too. Unfortunately the reason it was on sale was due to the fact that it's a summer dress and it was fall. I ended up buying a nice viole fabric to make the dress when I was staying with my family in Portland Maine for a conference in October. Then it all sat on a shelf until now.

The pattern was so well written. It was super easy to follow, had great graphics, and needed minimal modifications. I guess that's why I don't mind spending more than a dollar ona good pattern. The sizing was confusing, as always. My measurements ranged from a size 10 to a 0. Huh? Anyone dare to guess which measurement was a 10 and which was a 0? On second thought don't guess. I ended up cutting out a four and it fit perfectly.

The zipper was a breeze to add in, thanks to my invisible zipper foot. The only bummer is its kind of hard to put on because the zipper gets stuck on the part of the dress where the elastic is.

Next time I make this dress, which I will, since I love it, I'll add a little extra seam allowance and do French seams. Do you use French seams? You really should. It's when you seam a seam once with the right sides showing, then again on the inside to hide the raw edges. It makes everything look so much neater, and results in less frayed fabric and random strings hanging out of your garments. It takes longer to do, but the end product is worth it.
Back to the dress, oh yeah I love it. I might sew a maxi version next, maybe. Probably as soon as I do maxi dresses won't be popular anymore.

Hope you're enjoying the summer weather!


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