Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Drink

Hi Friends! It's pouring rain here and about 67 degrees, so it seems strange to post about my new favorite summer drink, but oh well. I can't scrape or paint the house so here it comes. You will need:

When I say "real" Maple Syrup I mean only from New Hampshire maple syrup, none of that junk from Vermont. Some people will find this hilarious I am sure because I don't even eat this maple syrup on my pancakes, I use the fake stuff. If you don't have a Soda Stream to make sparkling water, well 1. You should get one, it's the best thing ever, and 2. I feel bad for you, and 3. You can just use club soda or sparkling water from a can I suppose. We used Newman's lemonade, but have been using the Tropicana lemonade; which I like better than Newman's; sorry Paul. Once you have assembled your ingredients proceed to step one.
1. I have no idea how much this actually is, maybe a cup or lemonade.
2. Add sparkling water to almost fill the cup.
 3. Add a bit of maple syrup to taste; perhaps a tablespoon (but don't trust me, I can't cook)
4. Stir your concoction; taste, add more maple syrup to make it sweeter. If you wanted to you could even add some real lemon for garnish/added flavor. I used all of our lemon trying to lighten my hair.

5. This is a pretty obvious step. I should have added, use hashtag #summerdrinkcourtesyoflauren when posting pictures to Instagram.

Let's hope the rain stops soon so I can continue painting the house, sit in the sun and read my book and lighten my hair.



  1. mmm that looks delicious and refreshing! I'm so cool sitting here with my white grape juice and ice cubes. haha Anyway-- hellooooo Lauren! I apologize for never writing back and going totally MIA. I just quit writing in my personal blog for a few reasons and have now started a new one that is focused on literacy. It's in the beginning stages but I like it. :) I also got engaged last month so that's made life interesting! Oh yes, I did get to observe an SLP in May and thoroughly enjoyed it. I may consider going back to school again soon because there are so few jobs right now. We'll see. Lots to think about these days!! Glad to see you are doing well. ~Angela

    (made a new email address to go w/ my new blog. it has my future new last name lol I figure I'll be switching in a few months from now anyway)

  2. Oops forgot to leave you my new address!

    I think I'll move my personal one to this new email address too and start over. Not sure yet!


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