Monday, April 29, 2013

House Tour: Downstairs

I've posted most, if not all of these on facebook but have a few people who don't have facebook so I wanted to keep them in the house loop. Sorry for the repeats. 

This is our new house!

The front yard needs a bit of work, and the steps need some TLC, but it's functional as is. Through the front door you enter the dining room. 

The table belonged to my Great Grandfather Benny. At some point we might get a bigger one. 

 Over here is the buffet that belonged to Charlie's Grandmother. 

This desk is where we will pay bills and be very adultish. Or it will just hold all of Charlie's junk like before, we'll see. It was my Grandmother's when she was in college. I like how we have lots of nice pieces from our relatives. 

Off of the dining room is the kitchen. It's smaller in size than our old kitchen, but is more functional and has more storage. I don't like the red paint, and there is a not so great fruit basket boarder around the top that I've already ripped part of. I'm trying to convince Charlie's on a sort of grey green color. Hopefully he'll agree. 

There is an island, perfect for cutting vegetables. On the other side there is room for stools, but we're thinking about colors etc before we buy them.

Down the hall a bit from the kitchen is the downstairs bathroom. It has a washer and dryer and a stand up shower. 

Then there is the living room. I love how bright it is. Our last place had the living room on the inside of the building so it was very dark all the time. This living room has so much light. I love it.

Everyone says we need a bigger TV now, but I still like this one.

This is my most favorite thing so far. My aunt Kelly made us this stained glass for our wedding and we had nowhere to hang it for almost 2 years. Now I smile whenever I look at it and love seeing the sun shine through it.

Off of the living room is the deck which has a lovely view of Ragged Mountain. We sat out there on Saturday when Charlie's parents and brother and sister-in-law came and I can see many sunny days spent reading on the deck in my future.

I'll be back soon with the upstairs and basement tour.


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