Saturday, April 6, 2013

Big News

No, I am not pregnant so stop asking. Charlie and I are buying a house. Wahooo!!!

Since Charlie is so nonchalant about everything (with the exception of me chewing gum, which makes him go off the deep end) I can't tell if he is totally over the moon about this like I am; but I am over the moon about this. It is my dream house. Charlie is just happy if I am happy, and he's super happy there is a room for his ping pong table. He says he's missed it these last 9 years.

The house is in Bristol, where we live now. It's only 3 miles from our apartment (woot, easy move {except if you're moving with me, nothing is easy}). It's on a big hill, my ears pop driving up the road. It has 5 acres, plenty of room for Penny to run and play. The floor plan is pretty open. There are tons of windows and fabulous light. The basement has a room which I have already named "the sewing room".   There is a garage; I figure if I'm going to have to actually drive to work I absolutely cannot be expected to scrape ice and snow off of my car! And the best part, it has a view of the mountains! I told you it was a dream house. Did I use enough exclamation points?

We are moving over April vacation. As if I wasn't excited enough for a week off from work, add in moving to a new, bigger, better, brighter place where I can decorate to my hearts content? You know I'm pumped.

Charlie is excited that there are tons of trails to run on right out of the front door. Penny will be excited once she gets inside to have more space to run around, and lots of critters in the yard to chase. And don't tell Penny but we're hoping to get another dog to be her pal. We're going to wait until the summer to do that though, she'll be an only dog for a few more months.

We're had the home inspection, our loan is in order, and we're signed tons of paperwork. Now we just have to wait for all of the other things to fall into place. And wait for April 22nd when it will officially be ours!

More soon on the whole story. 


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  1. Watching mufasa die and reading this at the same time = so many emotions! Very happy for both of you! We cannot wait to visit..and esp excited for the possibility of another pup pal (I've been trying to convince M we should do the same, with no luck)


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