Thursday, April 4, 2013


After deciding to scrapbook more, I realized how un-enthused I was with my paper collection. I like them separately, but not so much all together, they are not exactly cohesive.

At work on Monday someone put out a box in the word room of "free" things. One of the things was a pack of construction(ish) paper. It's a bit heavier than construction paper, but lighter than card stock. It was kind of plain to begin with, so I added some pizzaz the other day. I told Charlie I could cook dinner and he came home to me cooking in the kitchen painting. He was not excited, but not surprised.

I used some paint and Mod Podge Luster on these. I've never mixed the two, but it made the paint a bit shiny, which I liked. Here they are:

Red paper with just Mod Podge.  White with Mod Podge and silver paint polka dotted on with a foam circle brush.

More silver dots, grey mixed with Mod Podge and scraped on with an oil paint mixer.

Dry brushed green on green. Then green and grey scraped on.

Grey zig zag (looking at it now it looks like Charlie Brown), and gold dots.

I'll keep you posted about how I use these different papers.


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