Monday, April 15, 2013

Bravery vs. Cowardice

Where to begin when such a sad thing has happened. Charlie and I both know several people who were running today. Charlie ran the marathon two years ago and my family and I had a wonderful time being spectators.  The Boston Marathon has been a big part of my life. I remember my parents taking my brother, and my friend Lexi and I to see my aunt run in the 100th Boston Marathon 17 years ago. I always like to watch it, and was glued to my computer at work today watching the instant streaming during my lunch break of the mens and women's race. My brother in law Jay, as well as a friend from college, and one from grad school were running today. Several friends from all walks of my life, as well as family members, were in Boston today watching the race.

I am so grateful that no one I know was injured. I know others are not that lucky. My heart breaks for them.

It seems like as good a time as any to get down on the world and feel like there is no hope for tomorrow, or the future generations. Let's be serious, that feeling overcomes us all at points like this. It seems like everyone first reaction is to think "what has the world come to?" It's easy to dwell on the terrible things that have happened and to want to seek out the person or people who inflected such unspeakable pain.

What's harder is to instead view footage, read stories, and watch coverage and think of the tremendous amount of bravery that police officers, volunteers, spectators, and other runners exhibited in a time of need. Before the smoke had even cleared hundreds of people were already working to help the injured.

I think it's very easy and tempting to focus on the terrible things that happened today, but please don't forget about the courage that was demonstrated either. For every one sick person in the world who would do something terrible like this there are hundreds of thousands who will and did run into danger without hesitation to help those in need.

Please, if and when they find out who did this, don't remember the persons name, instead try to find coverage or stories about the hero's of this tragedy and focus on their bravery. When the media focuses so much on the cowardice of a select few individuals it only makes other cowards feel that they can do the same and get the same reaction. By focusing on the heroism exhibited at times like this we can show the cowards that we are going to focus on the good, not the terrible.

Thank you to all of the people who demonstrated so much bravery in the face of such a terrible thing today.


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