Thursday, October 28, 2010


I'm on a map kick today. Have you fellow bloggers heard about "stats"? It's a feature on your blog that lets you check who has been reading your blog, and when, and where they live. I am currently obsessed with checking my stats. My favorite is the map that shows where your readers are. The most popular areas are dark green, but other ares are light green, can you see them? America makes up my dark green section, 149 hits this week! I secretly wonder how many are my Mum. But there are a few scattered across the world, and some I have had to look up online because I had no idea where they were, Slovenia being one of them. I seem to get about 3-4 views from Slovenia a week. I just like saying Slovenia, and also saying that people from Slovenia read my blog. It makes me feel really cool. So thanks Slovenian's! You rock. And a shout out to Clare, who keeps my Indonesian count right up there with Slovenia.

Goodnight world!


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  1. I like the new look and by the way, I only visited your blog 148 times this week haha.
    Going to pick some more milkweed today. I'll get extra for J-me


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