Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shutter Shelf

Have you ever seen an idea in a magazine and said; "Oooo! I want to do that!"? Have you ever held onto the idea for 3 years until it finally became a reality? I have. And boy am I glad that I can now use that space in my brain for remembering something else, like how old I am, or my address; two things I seem to always struggle to remember.
Anyways, about 2 years ago I saw a shelf for an entry way made out of two shutters. We never had room in our old apartment for this to anything like that, or anything in general, but when we moved here I knew we would have to make a shutter shelf. I had seen shutters at yard sales a few times but they were all pretty pricey. Then the other day I went out to go to the grocery store but promptly decided to skip getting food when I saw a sign that said "Barn Sale." I'd never been to a barn sale before but it was pretty neat. I bartered with the old man there and bought two dirty shutters for $4.

While Charlie and I were visiting my Dad and Mary Lou last weekend we went to my favorite hardware store and bought the other supplies for about $30 and I put it together while my Dad and Charlie made the bathroom shelf.

Here's a before shot. This is after one spray down with the hose. I told you it was dirty.
I had planned on painting the shutters, but after scrubbing them they looked nice and I liked the color of them. I also realized that painting shutters would really stink and I got lazy so I just sprayed them with some Pledge, screwed in the hardware and called it a day.
I like the black metal touches and the swirlyness of the brackets. I also really like the heart shaped hooks. They are perfect for holding a coat and scarf.

I can't help but smile in the morning when I put my coat on. Other reasons to smile today: our new couches are coming and it's a half day at school. Yippie!

I hope your day is great!


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