Friday, October 15, 2010

Sew N' Tell - Toiletries Pouch

The other week I was stumbling around the blog-os-phere and I found a new to me blog that I really like, A Lemon Squeezy Home. And in going through some of her post I found a free tutorial to make a make up clutch. The tutorial was a guest post from the Noodlehead blog which is where I found the tutorial for the scrappy clutch I made a few months ago. (Is that enough links for you?) I knew this project was perfect for the vinyl fabric I bought a while back because it was pretty and cool and on sale, not because I knew what to do with it. The tutorial was super easy and quick. Ta Da!
I don't wear very much makeup so I just thought it would be nice to have a toiletries case for weekend trips, and the vinyl makes it easy to clean in case my toothpaste explodes or any other toiletries disaster should occur. I didn't add the scrappy piece to the bag because I didn't have any fabric that really matched. I still think it looks pretty snazzy though. I just really need to work on those zippers, which seems to be a reoccurring problem for me, does anyone know of a tutorial for an; "idiot proof zipper"?
The only other problem is that I temporarily forgot when I was making this toiletries pouch that I am vision impaired and therefore need to bring two types of contact solution, a contact case, and my glasses wherever I go. Now I am all packed to go home for the weekend but the poor Clear Care bottle is too big, he'll just have to rest safely in my duffle bag away from all his other friends.
Be sure to check out all of the other Sew N' Tell finishers this week!


p.s. I was lucky enough to have Rae, of Made By Rae sent me an advance copy of her Bonsai Bag pattern and I have been working away to get it finished. It is turning out great thus far and I am so so excited to show it to everyone and rave about Rae's pattern.


  1. this is a great little bag! the vinyl you used is amazing! i love it

  2. cute, cute bag and the fabric is so cool! make a bigger one to carry all your stuff and then use the smaller one, for well, you know. those necessary items we all must use!


  3. Awesome! I'll have to make that tutorial after seeing how yours came out (and that fabric is killer). I think it'd make great Christmas presents

  4. I have an awful time with zippers too. It either ends up with a broken needle or an unfinished project! Good luck in your search for easy ways/ instructions to get those on.

  5. Great job. I've only done zippers a few times so I don't know and secrets.

  6. VERY cute bag. One thing that a lot of folks don't do with zippers is the make a zipper tab. Think I might need to show that part of my process on my blog next week. It's makes a LOT of difference on the zipper install.

  7. Great job on the clutch! That AMH laminate looks wonderful.

  8. Love the fabric!!! Thanks for the link. I am going to have make a couple for my nieces for Christmas.

  9. I just love your make-up bag! And, if you find that tutorial for zipper challenged people, please share! :-) I found your site through the Sew and Tell links and I'm so happy I stumbled upon the that site, and yours! :-)


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