Friday, October 8, 2010

Goodbye Yucky Spiders! Hello Crooked Curtains!

I have been wanting to make curtains for our kitchen since we moved in. Why you ask? Well we live on the main street in town, so privacy is kind of an issue. But it's a kitchen, do you really need that much privacy for a 2nd floor kitchen? No. Do I cook naked? No. Heck, I don't cook at all. I don't need privacy, but I did need something to block the view of 10,000 spiders.

That might be a bit of an exudation, but seriously the spiders are huge and there are lots of them. Whenever one dies another two take its place! There is a street light right outside the window and several google searches have taught me that where there is light at night, there are bugs, and where there are bugs there are spiders. Bleck!

I needed to do something about it. A few weeks ago I bought some snazzy eyelet cream fabric at Joann's, with a coupon of course, and a few tension rods. Let's just say that work seems to follow me home and training for a marathon kind of takes a lot of time and well I haven't had much time to sew, and it seemed as if I forgot how to sew a straight line. All of the curtains are crooked, some are accidentally sewed inside out. Oops. Just like the cabinets in my newly painted kitchen, please don't look too closely at the curtains in the windows.

They serve their purpose; hide the yucky spiders.
Charlie and I spent almost an hour trying to find the perfect fabric for a valance to match our kitchen, when we finally decided to give up we spotted this fabric on the way out the door. Does that ever happen to you? I like that feeling.
Here's a close up. It's Mary Englelbreit.

Now all we have left to do in the kitchen is hang up some pictures or that clock, or something, we can't decide. At this rate we'll be moving out before the whole apartment is decorated.

This is my first post on the Sew N Tell in a very long time and I am glad to be back.

Happy Friday!



  1. these are awesome. i can understand the need to cover the spiders. seeing them all of the time would freak me out!

  2. Your curtains turned out great.

  3. I should have sent you my old eyelet curtains from the kitchen in my last house! Your's look good! Glad to see you again!

  4. LOL! At least the spiders aren't IN your kitchen. No curtain would fix that.

    They look really nice from where I'm sitting! (I like your cupboards, too.)

  5. The curtains work and serve a purpose!
    Your kitchen looks fabulous!

    Out here in the desert the spiders are creepy and big. I mistook one in my backyard one summer as a 3 inch black fake one from Halloween. *shivers* We spray outside a lot!

  6. Those curtains look really straight from here :) I am glad you covered up those creepy spiders! Miss you!

  7. LOL! The curtains look great and not a spider in sight!

  8. Too funny! The curtains look great and remind me of my childhood.

  9. I think they are very nice curtains and the covering of spiders, just a bonus. ;)

  10. Love your curtains, and so glad you found fabric you like! Mary Englebreight is sooo cheerful.



  11. Hi lauren:

    If you think you'd be able to take a couple hours to look at the Bonsai pattern tonight (even if you can't crank out a bag that fast) and print it out, check the scale to make sure it prints the correct size, etc, email me at rae dot made at gmail and let me know where to send it!


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