Thursday, October 28, 2010

Start Collecting.....

Milkweed pods. It's just about that time of year. When the milkweed pods start to crack open, release their seeds, and dry out. That means it is time to start collecting them if you want to make ornaments for your Christmas tree with my coming-soon tutorial. I know it's a bit early to be talking about Christmas, but I wanted to make sure everyone gets their milkweed pods before they are past their prime. Here's a map of where milkweed grows:
Woodrow Wilson Foundation.
Sorry if you live outside of the red areas. To my 4 blog readers from Sloveia; first, hello, and second, you guys sure are lucky because I just looked it up and I think there is "Giant Milkweed" in Slovenia. You're ornaments should be awesome!

Stay tuned for my milkweed ornament tutorial!


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  1. you should save me some so i can make an ornament, i dont think we have any around here at least not that i know of.


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