Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fabric Freeze

Two weeks ago I decided I would not use my debit card. I decided to do this when I looked at my online bank statement and realized how much money was being sucked out by fabric stores (and TJ Maxx, and Target, but that's another story). That and also a rather embarrassing/ humbling call to my dad to request some money. Oh, and also after getting this check in the mail:
I can take a hint. So I gave up my debit card, and also decided that I should not buy fabric, because my dad said so, and also because I realized how much I already have. I am now in a Fabric Freeze! But luckily have supplies. My friend Jill read my post last month about using flat sheets instead of fabric from the fabric store and her boss gave her a really cute sheet, and she gave it to me. It has elephants, my favorite:

I am thinking this would make the cutest PJ pants ever. I also have now stored and organized all of my fabric in our "coffee table". There is a lot in there:

And lastly, for Valentine's Day Charlie bought a new duvet cover, I promised to pay him half, when I get my first pay check. It came with two huge pillow cases. I think Charlie is thinking "Who needs a pillow case so large that they could be used in a potato sack race?"

We certainly don't. But isn't it pretty? Come back tomorrow to see what I made out of this huge pillow case, after Charlie and I potato sack raced around the apartment of course!



  1. Best of luck with your "Fabric Freeze" . . . it is SO hard not to buy more and more! I'm going to have to start selling the things I make to support my fabric habit!

  2. Love the check from Dad! I started quilting when I was in college. It was bad. I had to get a part time job to pay for my $100 a week fabric monkey on my back. And that was a long time ago, my dear.


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