Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wacky Wapack Whisk

A few weeks ago I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I googled possible options and came up with three:
  1. I had a brain tumor.
  2. I was becoming diabetic.
  3. I developed bi-polar disorder overnight.
Turns out it was none of these things, and I am now feeling better. My main symptom was that I was just being exceedingly unpredictable and impulsive. Which, as it turns out, can get you into trouble. For example, you might be in a car with your boyfriend as he is talking about an insanely long trail race he is planning on doing in the spring. And then you might say to yourself, "Self, you could do that, 21 miles up and down a mountain range can't be that hard!" And then your mouth might say; "I'll do that 21 mile race!" And then in your head you will say; "Self! What the heck are you thinking!?!?!" But by then your boyfriend has probably gotten excited and told you you can do it and has started giving you advice and thinking about a training schedule for you to use. Or maybe this only happens to me, but you get the idea.

So now I am now registered for this race, which I hear is "more fun". I am the youngest person entered (by 7 years) so hopefully I will win some sort of prize for being the youngest crazy person out of all the other crazy people. Charlie is doing the 50 mile race, I won't even get started on how positively crazy THAT is.

The point of my story is that if you are ever feeling particularly impulsive you should probably bite your tongue when there is talk of 21 mile races.


p.s. I used a thesaurus to title this alliterative post. Whisk can be a synonym for "run". I might just refer to this race as WWW or W3 or 3W, for future reference.

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