Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dreaming of Summer

Am I the only one who is sick of winter? I usually don't mind it but right now it is so very cold and there is no snow on the ground. I wouldn't care so much if there was some fresh white powder to cover all the brown. It just looks so yucky everywhere I turn.

I thought that some of my summer pictures of flowers from my Mum's garden might brighten things up a bit.

I have been inspired lately by a lot of "art quilting". I saw an amazing sunflower art quilt made be Rene in the Sew N' Tell a few weeks ago that I am in awe of. I have been dreaming about making my own someday since then. These pictures are some that I thought might work out well.

I have to be careful though because once I painted a picture for Charlie of a waterfall and his roommates, and almost everyone who has ever looked at the painting, have said it looks like something Georgia O'Keefe would paint. I suppose that could be taken as a complement, but lets just say that I have been very cautious about my paintings and any other artwork since then.

Did you know Lupines are my favorite flower of all time? I also really like Lilacs, I think I like flowers best that start with the same letter as my name.

Here's hoping spring is just around the corner. And if not, then here's hoping that I can get started on a pretty flower art quilt real soon.


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  1. Nice photos, and needed! I'm ready for winter to be over. I feel like my body is screaming out for sunlight.


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