Saturday, February 27, 2010

Things You Might Not Have Known About Me

  1. Cucumbers are my favorite vegetable. I would eat one everyday if I could.
  2. Apples are my favorite fruit. I do eat one (almost) everyday.
  3. Grocery shopping is my worst enemy.
  4. I know how to drive a fork truck.
  5. The only car accidents I have even been responsible for have happened in my driveway. (And there have been 3, and they were all my fault).
  6. I once rode on top of an elephant.
  7. Large amounts of birds make me queasy.
Other Things that Make Me Queasy Include:

- mold
- the inside of red peppers.
- anything with lots of small holes (like bee hives...eww)
- yucky cuts/ people who are bleeding or have broken bones and thus floppy limbs.

Things I Think are Fun That Nobody Else Thinks are Fun:
  1. Reading manuals to things, but only things I don't actually own or need to put together. Not just manuals but brochures and directions to projects/ rubrics to assignments for classes I am not in. Weird I know.
  2. Dusting really dirty things to see how clean I can make them.
  3. Riding a bike with no hands. ( I think people think this is fun, but a lot of people I know can't to it).
  4. Doing monotonous tasks such as: folding lots of letters, putting stamps on 10,000 envelopes, sorting lots of things by color or size or the recycling code on the bottom.
Things that Annoy me:

- loud gum chewers.
- anyone wearing windpants
- the news.

Stuff That Makes me Sad but Really Shouldn't:
  1. Any old person who I do not know. Mostly because I make up stories about them in my head, and the stories are always sad.
  2. When people lose on Jeopardy, especially people who I think should really win or who have had hard lives and faced great adversity. Like that one guy who was blind.
Things That Sometimes Happen to me in School:

- sometimes when my teachers have nice relaxing voices I try my hardest to listen to them but their voices make the back of my brain go fuzzy and I can't pay any attention.
- this seems the be the most common time for them to call on my to answer a question.
- sometimes I sit funny and my foot/leg falls asleep and I don't realize it until class is over and I get up and then fall down.

Stuff that Crushes my Soul:
  1. When people say "He's autistic" instead of "He has autism" or say the r word.
  2. Seeing dead animals.
  3. The time I killed a turtle, and anytime I think about that time I killed a turtle.
Thing I Shouldn't Tell You But I Will:

- I am ticklish, like pee your pants laughing ticklish.

I think that is enough new information for one night. Did you learn anything new about me? I hope so.



  1. The red pepper bit makes me laugh! But I totally agree regarding broken bones (or any other physical trauma) . . . you will never find me watching medical dramas or war movies! Oh, and the only accidents I've been responsible for (though minor) were in other people's cars - and not friends or family, but customer vehicles at the auto dealership I worked at in my early 20s. It's very humbling to have to tell a stranger you had an accident in their car! :-)

  2. i have rode on the top of an elephant before too! and your Brother didn't belive me!
    And i guess you could say i have been in a car accident in your driveway too! haha


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