Monday, March 22, 2010

Life Updates

Yes, I am still alive. My break was glorious and relaxing and fun filled, and I even did some studying, although mostly I just read for fun.

  1. I missed sewing while I was gone and have been working on several projects simultaneously. This involves the use of no fewer than 2 machines. It gets a little confusing when there are multiple pedals under the desk, in other words I press the pedal on the wrong machine and have a mini-stroke thinking that the machine is broken. I certainly need a bigger desk to spread out the machines and pedals, and therefore work on hundreds of projects at once.
  2. Charlie got into grad school. He will be going to Plymouth State next year and getting his masters in teaching. This means that someday we will have summer vacations (once more), snow days, and school vacations off together. This also means that we will be moving.
  3. Spring has sprung which means I can begin complaining about my neighbors again. I read an article in "The Week" that said that people who smoke score, on average, 7 point lower on an IQ test than people who do not smoke. This was 100% confirmed this weekend when I was peacefully reading a book on my porch and my neighbor turned on his obnoxiously loud techno music and began to smoke on his section of the porch. Once he had blown sufficient amounts of toxic carcinigenic smoke into my side he proceeded to cough up 1/3 of his lung and spit it over the ledge. I cannot wait to move.
  4. Charleston was so fun! I had a great time seeing my friends, sightseeing, running over this awesome bridge, going to museums and of course going to Sonic. You can see my pictures on my Flickr page, if you care.
  5. There are only 137 days until I graduate. Here is a short list of things I must do before then (in no particular order):
  • Take the Praxis.
  • Take Comprehensive Exams.
  • Finish my semester On-Campus (a.k.a dark hole)
  • Do an 8 week off-Campus placement.
  • Run the Wapack trail race.
  • Buy/ make 2 dresses.
  • Make Sammy and Keith a wedding present.
  • Make Charlie a B-day present.
  • Go see Taylor Swift.
  • Find job.
  • Find apartment (with non-smoking neighbors.)
  • Move.
I am exhausted just thinking about it, good thing I have 137 days left.

I hope this satisfies all of my followers (Mum) who need to know what I have been up to. More to come once I finish up one of my many projects.



  1. There are some pretty nice places in PLymouth, but you might want to look in Holderness, or somewhere a little farther away, so that you don't have crazy college kids being loud and partying above you! Plymouth is really great and Beautiful!! I hope you like it there!

  2. Thank you. Now I have your Friday post to look forward to!!


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