Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fabric Freeze Part 2

What is a gal who is not allowed to buy fabric to do when she needs fabric? Go out and buy fabric? NO! Go out and buy dye! Today I dyed white fabric. It went alright. There was only one casualty....our wooden spoon. I accidentally let it stay in the blue bath for too long and it got dyed. The packaging said to stir the water "CONSTATNLY" and I figured one little break couldn't hurt, but if you know me you know that a little break typically turns into a long break to read or watch TV or do some cleaning, or more likely do some sewing and then 30 minutes later poor old Lauren's got a blue wooden spoon to explain to her boyfriend when he gets home. But back to the dyeing.

I dyed used blue and green. I am working on a project that requires lots of tiny strips of fabric that are all sort of the same color but different by a little bit. I didn't want to buy lots of different colors of fabric just to use a little but, plus I am in a fabric freeze... I thought that dyeing would be a good alternative, and it kind of was. I wasn't sure about the varying colors, but decided to wait until the pieces were dry. And what's a gal without a dryer to do when it comes to drying fabric? Pay for a dryer? NO! Hang the pieces up like in the old days, and if it's raining, well then just hang them up in the bathroom:

Some of the pieces turned out great. On a whim I threw in some white flowery fabric to see what would happen and those pieces turned out best. I think because they are higher quality.

I left the pieces in the dye for varying amount of time but you can't really tell that they are very different unless you look closely, which is kind of a bummer. I think I will have to use a lot of techniques and different thread colors to get a good effect.

While I was not paying attention to my dyeing I was searching for other scraps for my project and I found enough; which means the fabric freeze can continue. Sadly, I cannot keep up with not using my debit card, or stay on a diet for more than 25 minutes, but I sure can stay on a fabric freeze.

Hopefully soon I will have something to show made out of dyed fabric.


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  1. I feel your pain, i try and not use my debit card besides gas, and that never works out, there is alwyas something I just "have" to have. haha. As for the fabric freeze i have troubble with that too. I think i will try again once i buy the backing fabric for my quilt. I have lots of yard cuts, and need to put some of those one yard wonder projects to use...we will see, its just hard not having time, and not having a sewing machine at school with all my stuff!! I love how the dying came out tho, it looks awesome!


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