Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools

Did you play any April Fools jokes today?

I love April fools jokes, they are so hilarious, except when they are played on me, in that case they are only kind of funny.

Charlie decided to hide all of the spoons and replace them with a ladle, then put my cereal in the box upside down and attempt to ruin my morning routine. In retaliation I pulled an old classic out of my pocket. Tie a rubber band around the trigger of the sink sprayer, so that when you turn on the faucet you get drenched. The biggest trick to this prank is to remember that you have done it and not fall victim to your own prank; which has happened to me many a time in the past. But today I remembered and steered clear of the kitchen sink for a good 2 hours until Charlie sprayed himself. Oh it was so funny.

Some of my other favorite/classic pranks...well my only other one; is to put ever spice in the cupboard into your Dad's coffee maker/ coffee grounds the night before. Then when he wakes up in the morning to his fresh pot of coffee it is totally ruined. I pulled this prank on my dad for approximately 7 years in a row, and it never got old, and he never caught on (must have been too early for him). The first year I was away at college for April Fools Day I e-mailed him to ask if he missed me playing that trick on him and his response was "Like a hole in the head!"

Lastly, the best April Fool joke ever played on me is one of my first memories, and I didn't even know the joke was on me until about 6 years after it happened. Here's the story: When I woke up my Mum told me that during the night she had shaved off half of my Dad's beard as an April Fools joke and she told me not to tell him. Boy oh boy did he look ridiculous. He walked around the house for what felt like hours looking like a fool while I giggled to myself. The highlight was when he took me into the bathroom to fix my hair for daycare. We were both in front of the mirror, he "fixed" my hair and then looked at himself in the mirror and even "fixed" his half a beard! I was amazed at how oblivious he was. Once we got to daycare the woman who worked there made a remark about his beard and only then did he "realize" what had happened. I was extremely happy with myself for pulling a joke like this over on my dad (even though I really had nothing to do with it.) Then, several years later, I was talking about the joke and thinking about how difficult it would be to perfectly shave off half of someones beard without them walking up. Finally it dawned on me, they were playing the joke on me!

Oh what a good joke. Maybe I will play that on my kids someday (hopefully I am not the one with the beard however.) Or I will just tell them the story every April Fools until they get so annoyed that they put spices in my coffee maker.

What's your favorite April Fools prank?


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  1. Lauren, Now that I finally have some time, I've been catching up on your fantastic blog. This April Fool's story is great and it's sparked all kinds of ideas. You're parents are obviously total "hoots"! xo Carla


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