Friday, April 2, 2010

Sew N' Tell - Easter

Last year my Mom and I made an Easter scavenger hunt for my cousins. It was really fun, I think my aunt, my mom and myself enjoyed it just as much as my two cousins did. We're going to do it again this year and I wanted to have something homemade for them to get at one of the hidden spots. I found this tutorial from Betz White to make cashmere stuffed bunnies. I don't have any cashmere lying around so I just used some scraps of cotton from the baby quilt I made last summer.

They turned out a bit smaller than I thought they would, but their small size makes them oh so adorable. I still need to add little pom pom tails but I need a bigger yarn selection, which I know I will find at my Mom's house.

Check out the other finishes for the Sew N Tell.

Happy Easter everyone!


p.s. I pulled out the fabric to use as a backdrop and now my head is spinning with ideas of what I can do with it, it's so pretty, how on earth have I let it sit around for 3+ years?!?


  1. those are soo addorable Lauren!!!

  2. Very sweet little bunnies! I have that tiny pink polka dot in blue :o)

  3. these are such cute little bunnies!!!

  4. These are sweet little guys.

    Let us know what you make with the background fabric! Sometimes we need to go shopping in our stash, right?!

  5. Adorable little bunnies Lauren! It pays to go through your fabric stash every now and then and 'remember' what you have.

  6. These will be a treasure for your cousins. Nice work.

  7. Lauren, your bunnies are adorable!!! I'm sure your cousins love them. Thanks for sharing!


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