Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Handmade Christmas

I know, it is only October, why am I thinking about Christmas? Well, every year of my "adult" life I have been stressed out making, buying and, finding presents all of December and have missed out on the joyfulness of the holiday.
Then, this year it struck me: the month of December doesn't have to be a stressful time. I just need to plan ahead and get things done early, that way I can sit on the couch with the snow falling outside while I watch "Love Actually" and read books for fun, sip hot cocoa, and dance around to "Mariah Carey's Holiday CD". (Although I am pretty sure December will be spent studying for finals, training and worrying about the half marathon in Vegas, and finishing my placement at the school, but I am suppressing those thoughts).
Anyways, I have been searching for ideas for Christmas presents and ideas online. After buying 3 wool sweaters at a thrift store this weekend I came home to find that I missed out on registering in time for the online workshop hosted by Betz White, shucks, but I did find a great kit to make your own felted ornaments! Also my brother's girlfriend, Jaimie of Made By J-Me, and I have been talking about having a "Handmade Christmas" where we can share ideas about presents, decorations, and general homemade merriment on our blogs.
Today on "Get it Together Tuesday" I decided to finish up a Christmas project that has been in the works for about 7 months now. This spring my Mum, Rich and I went to an antique shop in Fairfield Maine. I found a set of miscellaneous cookie cutters for $10, then I haggled my way down to $9. I had an idea for the cookie cutters, yet they sat in the back of my car clanking around until August when I went to my Dad's house. He has the necessary equipment to help carry out my idea; a drill press. For those of you who don't know what a drill press is here's a picture, I highly recommend getting one, they are useful in so many ways. Although, they are expensive, and bulky, and make a mess, and a lot of noise. So I guess what I am trying to say is that it is really great to have a Dad who has a drill press, you should find one of those, it would be easier.
So in August I used the drill press and then today I finally got around to finishing the project and TA DA!:
Christmas Ornaments made from Cookie Cutters! How Adorable! I drilled holes in the tops and then threaded different colored ribbon through the holes and then tied them in bows. Now they are ready for a Christmas tree. Last year I bought a fake tree that is about a foot and a half tall, lets hope it can hold all these ornaments as well as the ones I made last year! Here is one of my favorites, it can be used for Valentine's Day too!
I also finished up a project that a friend from class requested I make for her, but I want it to be a secret, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see it Kim! And for the rest of you, I am saving the project results for the Sew-N-Tell on Friday.
Now I am off to try to figure out how to make a blog button like the Sew-N-Tell button for my "Handmade Christmas". But I am very technologically impaired, so I might just beg my friend Keith to make it for me. Be prepared Keith!


  1. I think that those are soo cute! I had an idea to make felt ornaments and using christmas cookie cutters as an outline/pattern for them, and stuffing them with pollyester batting.
    Yay for homemade christmas! I just need to go shopping to get some supplies!

  2. what an adorable idea for the ornaments!

    and of course, it's not cheating to save your project until next week. Just wanted to take the pressure off a bit! :)


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