Thursday, October 15, 2009

Finding My Root, In the Form of Graves

Over the long weekend I went to Maine and went on an adventure with my Mum. We went to North New Portland Maine to find my great grandfathers grave. Martelle C. Quint:Sadly, Martelle died exactly one month before my Grampy, Martelle, was born. And I think that is one of the reasons that my Grampy was named after his dad, and also because he was the first son. We found his grave pretty quickly, because we had very specific directions, so we decided to wander around the graveyard, because we both like doing that. I like to see how long ago the people lived and think about what their lives were like, and also to see the old names. As we were wondering we stumbled upon another Quint:
Everett B. Quint. We aren't exactly sure, but the dates make sense that Everett is Martelle's father. Which would make Everett my great-great grandfather. And next to Everett is:
Sophie Quint: my Great-great grandmother. It was very nice to find out where my relatives are and what their names are. I also have some nice family names in mind for my hypothetical children, but those are for me to know and you to find out (in about 10 years.)
After our trip to the grave yard Mum and I went searching for a cool bridge she had been to before. It's called "Wire Bridge", and after a round about trip and asking for directions from a British Mainer, and then finally buying a map we found it:
It was really cool. Cars can drive across it, one at a time, and you can also walk across it. I didn't realize you could drive across it so when we started to I had visions of that bridge swaying in the earthquake and then breaking into pieces. But luckily the bridge did not break, it just made kind of a wave as we crossed. Then we walked on it and about 5 trucks decided to cross, and give me more visions of the bridge collapsing into the watery depths (except the bridge was only about 30 feet high and the water below was about 4 feet deep). But looking through my pictures I noticed a common theme; the death grip: Grasping the sides while taking a picture of the pretty scenery.
Shadows of Mum and I clinging to the iron for dear life.
It's fun to find your roots and it is also fun to be with your Mum and go on adventures, and be a little scared every now and again.


  1. that bridge looks scarier then that one we went on when we were up in the summer! Yay for moms, and adventures!

  2. Required reading for my kids, who are always game for an adventure with a parent.


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