Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pullover! No, It's A Cardigan But Thanks For Noticing

When I make blog titles from Dumb and Dumber references I know I spend too much time with middle school students.

I bought this sweater in January at Target for $3, and loved it! Then sadly on Saturday I spilled bleach on it. I thought it was ruined, and destined to be a crappy wear around the house sweater. Then I saw this idea on Pinterest. I figured if I screwed it up it was only a $3 sweater to begin with. The delayed opening schedule today afforded me the time to complete this project this morning before work.

Sad bleached sweater. 

I marked a line down the middle. 

Then cut the sweater in half and followed the directions from my Pinterest searching. Since the bleach stains were not straight down the middle I used fabric on the inside and outside of the left side of the sweater to hide the bleach spots. I made sure to decrease the tension so the sweater fabric would not bunch up. 

Now my sweater has been saved! And is now a cardigan, sans buttons because I am Petrified of button holes.

Now, can someone tell me how to get bleach marks off of the bathroom wall? I didn't realize the extent of my spill and bleach has stained the paint all down the bathroom wall. Oops.


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