Thursday, March 20, 2014

Book Reviews By Lauren

I haven't been sewing much. Too cold in the basement. But you know where a warm spot is? My bed. So I've been hanging out there and reading a lot. I figured I'd tell you the books I've been reading in case you're looking for a new book. I'll try not to give too much away. Warning...I've been reading lots of Young Adult Books.

1. "Divergent": I love any dystopian novels written for teenagers, mostly because they let me use the word dystopian so I feel smart, and they are fast reads. This is a movie coming out tomorrow . I might break my "No Spend March" to go see it.

2. "Insurgent": The second book in the Divergent trilogy. I got a bit annoyed with the main character in this book, but it was suspenseful and a page turner.

3. "Allegiant": Third book in the series. Currently reading. Luckily it was on hold at the library for someone else when I went in to ask about it, but the person didn't pick it up so I got it.

4. "The Goldfinch": This is not a young adult book. It was over 700 pages. Once I set a 50 page minimum per day I was good to go and usually exceeded the goal. It was SO good. I have heard mixed reviews, but I loved it. It honestly left me emotionally ruined for a solid week. The way Donna Tartt writes is so vivid I felt like I was in the book. This book is a commitment, but amazing.

5. "We Are Water": Wally Lamb is one of my most favorite authors, so I love anything he writes. This, however, was not my favorite book I've read by him. Everything was so depressing and sad for every single character. At least in his other books everything is sad but there is some humor mixed in. Not so much here. Also, he writes very vividly, which is probably why the sad characters got to me so much.

6. "The Fault In Our Stars": I saw on Instagram that my 16 year old cousin was reading this so obviously I was interested. I haven't read a book this quickly since I read The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I liked it a lot. I didn't cry though, which the book jacket said I would, so I'm wondering if that means I lack emotions, or if I just lack the emotions of a 16 year old. I don't think I've cried reading any book, with the exception of Little Women. I also have a gut feeling I will be one of those people who cries reading "Love You Forever" to their kids. I once had a boss who read that to students and bawled every single time. I fear I am doomed to be like her.

7. "Wild": A story about a woman who hikes the PCT. After reading this book I was 1.) happy I have my life together but also 2.) sad I had my life together and couldn't ditch everything to go on a long hike. Then I remembered I hate being dirty for long periods of time. And I hate camping. So I was just glad my life was together, sort of. ( Do you ever feel like you're totally jinxing your self by saying your life is "together"?)

8. "Bloom": This book is by a blogger that I started out reading because I liked her story, then I kept reading it because I didn't like her and wanted to see what other annoying things she did. One of my (many) New Years Resolutions was to stop hate reading blogs, but when my friend let me borrow her copy of Bloom I devoured it, and kind of forgot that I thought the author was a sell out. It's about a woman who has a baby with Down's Syndrome. I thought it was interesting from my career standpoint to see how people deal with a diagnosis like that.

Those are the books I have read recently. My mom told me she read one of my favorite books ever last week, per my recommendation. I'd just like to throw it out there in case you need a really hilarious book "Possible Side Effects". It's awesome!

Sorry for the lack of pictures, here is a TBT of my brother and I from the time we rode a moped in the rain. It has nothing to do with books.


P.S. I couldn't remember if books should have " around them or be underlined and I only have 2% battery left so I did both instead of looking up the answer. Also, no links to the books because you can find them yourself, and I'm not getting paid by Amazon to write this so I didn't do that. 1% battery life, no time for more, can't even spell check. Sorry Dad! Goodnight!

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  1. You have some great books on this list. I'll have to look into some of the ones that I haven't read for my next mental adventure.


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