Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baby Shower Bear

I couldn't go to the bridal shower because I was at my best college friends baby shower. She's not due until August but lives far away so she had one early with her family in Maine. When we were in college I knit one of these stuffed animals for my coaches baby and Lorelei told me she wanted me to make her babies one of these, then she told me she wanted to have 5 babies so I should get knitting. That was before we were married and I just laughed. At the shower we realized we've known each other for almost 9 years. Pretty crazy how many things have changed in that amount of time, we're both married, have jobs, live on oposite coasts, and now she's pregnant! It's funny how much hasn't changed either, we still laugh at silly things, talk for hours, and just have fun together. Sometime I wish we still shared a dorm room, or at least lived only one room apart so we could tap on the wall when we wanted to talk. This wasn't meant to be me reminiscing, oops. Anyways, as soon as I found out Lorelei was pregnant I knew I had to knit her baby a bear. 
I knit most of the bear on the way to and from Canada. Thank goodness Charlie drove most of the way and I could knit and talk constantly. I also knit some at my aunts house. My 6 year old cousin (Macy) was very interested in the process. Lorelei and her husband are waiting until the baby is born to find out the gender. I told Macy I wasn't sure what color scarf to knit, she said "Just make two!" Seemed like an easy solution for the 6 year old who didn't have to knit the two scarves. I did it anyways. Luckily I am much faster at knitting and the scarves did not take too long.
 Boy bear.
 Girl bear.
I think the double scarf looks pretty cool too. I realized I blogged about making this pattern once before, four years ago. I've made variations of the pattern four times, two prior to my blog creation. Hard to imagine a dark time such as that ever existed isn't it?

I hope Lorelei and the baby like it!


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