Monday, March 18, 2013

Gotcha Day

Today marks a year since we got Penny. We are so happy she is ours. It's been a fabulous year. I've always known I wanted a dog, and been a "dog person" but Penny has really solidified that feeling for both Charlie and I, especially Charlie, who was a "cat person" until Penny came along. She is so fun, and loving and just makes us smile all the time. We love her!

I rant about this quite frequently to anyone who will listen, so here goes once more; Penny is a rescue dog. My family has only ever had mutts and rescue dogs so I am biased, but I think rescue dogs love their owners more than purebred dogs. If you're thinking about getting a dog think about getting a rescue dog. They'll love you unconditionally. And you'll love them unconditionally too!


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