Saturday, September 29, 2012

10 Things

Here is a short list of things I've been thinking about and wondering:

1. Who dog sits for Will and Kate's dog when they go on vacation? Obviously this is the most pressing concern I've had all week. I'd love that job.

2. Why can't we American's watch Downton Abbey like the British? And by that I mean, why can't  watch it right this very instant? Moving to London to dog sit and watch Downton is becoming more and more appealing. I am literally looking forward to the wedding of Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley more than my I looked forward to my own wedding.

3. Once Downton does come out, where oh where will I watch it? As I've mentioned before I don't have a TV, cable, friends, or any other necessary items needed to watch the show. I think it would get suspicious if I called out sick every Monday from January until the end of the season because I was at my Dad's house watching the show and couldn't make it back home in time for work on Monday.

4.  You can just watch the trailer multiple times, just as I have. I just hope it's online at I will actually pledge money if they play it online.

5. Picture day at the middle school is on Tuesday. Then in a few weeks there is picture day at the elementary school. If history repeats itself I'll get at least 24 wallet sized photos of myself, and if I plan it correctly I might even get two sets, one Middle and one Elementary set. Get ready for that explosion of Lauren in your Christmas card family members!

6. Speaking of cards. I realized the other day that I have saved literally every card anyone has sent to me in the last 2.4 years. I read all of them one night and cried for at least an hour. For some reason all of the cards I got when my grandfather passed away were right next to the one from my friend telling me she couldn't come to our wedding. I don't know why I felt it was necessary to re-live that, but then I just packed them all up to read again in another 2 years with two more years worth of cards on top I'm sure.

7. I really want to get my hair cut. It's long and heavy and resides mostly in a pony tail right now. I need some style. I always put more effort into my hair after it has been cut. I live right above a hair dresser but whenever I go in there and say "Cut my hair right this second" they ask if I have an appointment and tell me to come back in 2 days. Maybe they don't understand, when the urge to cut my hair comes on I cannot make an appointment, I must get it cut then! Usually I just come back upstairs, think about making an appointment and get distracted.

8. Have you seen "The Mindy Project"? It was pretty funny. I liked it, which means it's awesome. Unless you ask my dad, but he doesn't like Downton, and prefers to watch Tosh.O, so I guess you can figure out that his taste level is dismal. Anyways, the pilot was funny, let's hope it continues.

9. Speaking of awesome things to watch. I read in The Week that "The Perks of Being A Wallflower" got 4 out of 4 stars. I have been excited about this moving coming out since I heard about it in January. Much to my dismay however, it is not playing in New Hampshire. WTHeck? I'd have to drive to Cambridge, MA to see it, which is the closest theater playing it. NEWS: A more through google search revealed that the movie has been released as of September 28th, and will be "everywhere" October 5th. I think the term "everywhere" is used lightly here, considering I'll still have to drive 25+ minutes to see it.

10. I feel dumb saying this but for at least 2 weeks I thought my camera was broken because it wouldn't focus on anything. I finally decided to take it to a camera shop and pay to get it fixed. I had tried different lens' and nothing worked so I figured it must have been something with the camera body, probably due to my dropping it a few times, and I also figured it would cost me a bagilion dollars to fix. I walked into the camera store and a very nice man let me explain my issue with the most dumbed down photography terms ever. He didn't even look at me like I was an idiot. Then he pressed 4 buttons and fixed it. What a relief. I've made two decisions based on this. First, Learn to use my camera, and learn the correct terms for using camera. Second, keep my camera in the case, protected, out of harms way, off of tall things it could fall off of, etc. Same goes for my new computer. If theres anything I hate it's when I break something because I'm an irresponsible 26 year old twerp.

Enough rambling for tonight.


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  1. Alright slightly random comment from me but that's because I have been an awful blogger lately - hardly commenting these days. Moving on, 1) I saw pictures of Kate's brother with their dog. Supposedly he was taking care of cute Lupo. I'm amused with that too.

    2) I believe you are a speech pathologist... I am very interested in pursuing that next. Of course this interest comes at the end of my Master's in Ed, but hey - why not. Maybe I could chat with you sometime?

    Hope your school year is going well! Happy Thursday!


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