Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This morning I read on weather.com that Venus was passing by the sun today, unfortunately the forecast called for more rain (what, more?) and clouds. Doesn't mother nature know that it needs to rain all next week to squash Bike Week?!? Anyways, I totally forgot about it until this evening when the sun finally, miraculously, came out and I commented; "Holy cow the sun is out!" Charlie, recent science teacher graduate school graduate, said "Go looks at the sun and see if you see Venus." Idiot that I am I ran to the window, looked directly at the sun and yelled "I'm Blind!" Then Charlie put on his thinking cap and we got the binoculars and a white piece of paper and headed outside to look at Venus crossing the sun reflected onto the paper. Once we finally figured it out it was amazing. It actually worked best to stand in the entryway to our apartment and reflect it on the wall. We tried to take pictures, this is the only one that came out.

Venus is the tiny black dot at the bottom. Venus won't pass by the sun like this until 2117. I'll be 143 then, do you think I'l still hate bike week?


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