Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Friday!

Here are some things that I've been thinking or have happened to me this week.

1. Charlie replaced the light in the bathroom that had burnt out about 2 months ago. First, there is only one light in the bathroom so he was burning his poor fingers trying to screw it in. Second, whoever designed that light fixture should be beaten because it it so hard to screw the bulbs into. If it were only me living here all three lights would be out and I'd be showering in the dark. And Lastly, how did I not tip over the last two months from the left side of my face weighing 2 pounds more due to all of the extra eyebrow growing on the left side? Yikes. After 20 minutes of tweezing only the left side I think I am back to normal. 

2. This week we kept Penny on a leash on all of her walks for 2 days because we wanted to keep her dry. She's been getting tons of ticks, we find them everywhere. I even found one in my purse a few weeks ago. So we invested in some tick repellant that will no doubt give us all cancer and make Penny have seizures like every other pet I've ever had, and requires the dog to be dry for 48.75 hours. Anyways it was a real pain keeping her on the leash because she loves to run in the wood and also loves to go in the water on our walks. Anyways after 2 painful days and some $25 cancer causing tick goo we left her off the leash for a walk in the woods. When we got home I was sure I smelled poop but thought I was crazy...until I touched her collar and my hand was covered in poop! Eww. Thank goodness Charlie was here to drag her into the bathroom and give her a bath. Too bad the $25 goo washed down the drain with the poop. Doesn't she look super cute when she's clean though?

3. I joined Instagram. I'd post for you to follow me but I don't know how and also I am sure you don't care (Dad!) I like how it's just pictures and also how I can stalk random celebrities that I secretly wish were my best friends, ex: Taylor Swift and Zoey Deschanel. 

4. I read an article the other day about how Facebook feeds our innate drive to talk about ourselves. I can understand that. It also made me re-think the time (hours) I spend on facebook a week. If I'm not posting something about myself I am stalking people I haven't talked to in years. It's terrible. I have a sickness. Last night I unfriended almost 100 people, it would have been more but the process of unfriending people is so difficult and time consuming. Some of the deleted peps are people I went to high school with who never talked to me. Why on Earth did these people friend me if they didn't even talk to me in high school? Why on Earth did I accept? Probably to stalk them and make sure my life is better than theirs. If you are reading this post because you got a link to it on facebook, be happy because you are one of the lucky 392 friends I decided to keep....or was too lazy to delete. 

5. This morning I slept in and then didn't want to get out of bed and certainly didn't want to go to work. I seriously acted like this:
Honestly, ask Charlie. I tried putting on pants, got one leg in up the the knee and threw myself on the bed and yelled about how hot it was and how nothing fit me. He convinced me to go to work, and then brought me donuts for lunch! How sweet...except now nothing really fits me.

6. Our new neighbor is 20 and super annoying. I hate 20 year olds. I realize that sounds stupid coming form a 26 year old, but those 6 years are huge in terms of maturity and not throwing raging parties. I have a job and get up at the crack of dawn, I don't want to hear your hippy music and idiot friends at 3 am. Also this girl leaves the downstairs door opened or unlocked or both at all hours of the night. Does she not know that people in Bristol NH are on Meth and will break into anywhere....has she forgotten about THIS incident that left me paralyzed with fear for days? Do you have any suggestions for what to do? I am trying to be less passive aggressive ever since someone said I was "really passive aggressive"...whada jerk. We all know how well my last attempt at dealing with loud neighbors went. NAHT!

7. I've been feathered. My dad always says that Bristol NH is where trends go to die. This is no exception I am sure. I am so excited about my feather that I accidentally spent $20 buying a kit and more for my hair on Amazon at 4:30 am on Monday. I'll post pictures once I actually do my hair....when it cools down enough to wear my hair down and not in a ratty sweat-filled bun. Charlie is still filled with resent that he couldn't grow a rat tail in 1991 so I think I'll feather him so he can say he has had a rat tail at some point in his life...afterall this is where trends go to die.

That's all of the randomness I can think of for now, and Charlie is home. We're going running and then I might feather him. Hat Har.


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